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Manufacturer of Aluminum Work - Interior & Exterior Aluminium Works, Aluminium ... we have good team of fabricators and engineer to handle a quality job

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13 Years Experience

We bring a lot of experience into the process of designing, fabricating, installing, maintaning and repairing your windows, doors, curtain walling, brise soleil, louvres and bespoke solutions. Our mission and values are what drive us to do everything possible to provide the best products, service and experience. Polar IN have become well recognised as one of the leading providers of architectural glazing systems. We are here to support you in creating a sustainable space that supports everyone's needs. We are innovators who work with you to create the best solution.

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PVC stands for unplasticized PVC, which is denser and harder than the usual PVC. UPVC material is based on the plastic powder that is heated up and moulded into a particular shape. It is a stronger and rigid form of PVC, as it is not softened by using plasticizers.

UPVC Windows & Doors

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The aluminum alloy material is the thin wall composite section, easy to use, less weight, and the section has a higher flexural strength, the doors and Windows using aluminium has small deformation, durable.

Aluminium Windows

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Toughening does not alter the basic characteristics of glass like light transmission and solar radiant heat properties of normal glass. It can neither be cut, nor altered. Toughened glass is known to have higher thermal strength

Toughened Glass

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An eye-catcher for every fa├žade: the polarin sliding doors with the slim FLEX profile system. Depending on the requirements as a single-leaf and double-leaf version, with improved thermal separation or with burglary protection, a variety of options can be implemented. The offer is supplemented by the rounded curved sliding door systems

Automatic Sliding Doors

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There is one thing we can all agree on within the construction industry, and it is that the popularity of aluminum composite panel has not stopped growing over the past few years. Its use has been expanding under the cover of energy efficiency, low price and construction possibilities.

Aluminium Composite Panel

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Structural Glazing is a system of bonding glass to a building's structural framing members utilizing a high-strength, high-performance silicone sealant specifically designed and tested for structural glazing.

Structural Glazing Work

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Our company has gained name and fame in the manufacturing and supplying of Stainless Steel Railings such as Stainless Steel Modern Railing, Stainless Steel Hand Railings and Stainless Steel Capsile Railings which have dimensional accuracy and excellent attributes

Stainless Steel Handrails

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We have the best professional team of designers, administration and supporting staff who work around the clock to deliver quality services within the time frame to customers that range from different economic backgrounds.

Interior Designers

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We, provides you with one of the top quality aluminium modular kitchens in Kerala. We use Imported Aluminium Modular Kitchen materials for creating and designing your dream kitchen. Our modular kitchen system are made of high functionality, convenience and quality materials that resemble wood in appearance.

Modular Kitchen

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Wardrobes can be visible or invisible. It depends on how they are made. They are among the most inconspicuous pieces of furniture in a home, yet which packs the most punch. They are discrete, often unseen and are built for the sole purpose of storage.


About Us


Equipments & Trained Man Power

To make the windows with the finest quality, These are operated by trained personnel specializing in the production of such exclusive doors and windows.

Stocking of Profiles

We keep stock of 100 Tons of Upvc profiles all the time which makes us successful in completing the projects on time. The profiles are kept in our godown.


Fabrication/Manufacturing Process for uPVC Windows & Doors.

CNC Cutting

The uPVC profiles are cut ino the required dimensions by using CNC cutting machines

Milling & Drilling

Slots for locks, hardware fitting and draining water are made using the machines

Milling & Drilling

The uPVC profiles are cut ino the required dimensions by using CNC cutting machines


The uPVC frames and shutters are fusion welded to form windows & doors

Air Tightening

To make windows air tight, sound-proof and water proof a high compressed High Quality EPDM rubber gasket(Same used in Automobile Industry) sealing is inserted in profile grooves.

Hardware & Glass Fitting

At the final assembly stage the hardware & glass fitting is done to get a finished window. We use Glasses from Saint Gobain/Modiguard Only.

Packing & Transportation

The windows are packed to ensure a safe transportation keeping in mind that they reach the site in scratch less condition.Special protection stickers are used for protecting the windows from scratches.

Corner Cleaning & Trimming

After fusion welding the corners are trimmed & cleaned for a smoother finish through CNC corner cleaning machines.

Gypsum Ceiling

Interior designers often recommend installing false ceilings, to add an additional design element to the room and to make it look exquisite

PVC Ceiling

As an additional design element, false ceilings not only add an exquisite look to the room but also make the overall space energy-efficient. With growing demand,

Grid Ceiling

It use gypsum ceiling tiles for the perfect finish and combines the durability, unique aesthetics look with various ceiling tiles design, and sound absorption performance

Curtain Walling

Specialising in design and installation of Curtain Walls, we are proud to offer you a full inclusive and quality service that keeps up with all design demands and technical challenges. The curtain wall is the most airtight and weather resistant cladding and exterior wall system available.


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